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Oxcarts, birds and coffee plantations

I came up with some crazy ideas. I want to make a series of quilts inspired by the Costa Rican oxcarts. The traditional oxcarts are based on variations of the Mariner’s Compass. Some of the oldest are 8-point stars, but most are 16 or 32-points. Some are even 64 points. Over the years, they have developed into an elaborate art form and are even recognized by UNESCO.

The oxcarts were developed to use primarily on the coffee farms of the central valley of Costa Rica and to transport the coffee beans from the farms to the port. Their use for transport was replaced by the trains and by trucks, but the oxcarts are still treasured and used on the farms. Also, in towns and cities in the central valley, they are often brought out for parades.

The shade-grown, organic coffee farms are a special place for birds. While Costa Rica has over 900 species of birds, as many as half of these species can be sighted in the coffee farms. They help control insect populations and also help to pollinate the coffee blossoms. Many migratory birds make their winter homes on these farms. In fact, studies have shown that organic, shade-grown coffee plantations are second only to primary forests in their diversity of bird life.

So, my challenge? How to bring these three things together - the oxcarts, the organic, shade-grown coffee plantations and the beautiful birds that live there? Pictures? Not yet. I have some sketches, but it’s still in the planning stage. And I have a couple of projects that I need to make some progress on before I start this one.

Project Quilting 2016


Splendid Sampler

Astrodelic - finished, about 40” square

A new purse, small enough for everyday use. (Or maybe I’ll make an even smaller one. Who knows?)

And another, with an inside view - This one is large enough for when I travel and want a lot of stuff in it.


Sashiko circles Ready for the hand work

Molas  (Already finished!)

Here’s the projects I posted in 2015 that I haven’t made progress on.

Applique quilt

Rectangles- I used these for the back of the Sashiko Circles quilt

Cranes and Sashiko

My Enchanted Garden

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