Splendid Sampler

Feb. 14 - Mar. 6

Here’s my first seven blocks of the Splendid Sampler. I’m very frustrated with the bottom block and I’ll probably throw it out and do it over. I kept getting the triangles on the geese pointed the wrong way and I’ve cut off some points. Oh, and NOW I notice that the point of the big star on the top left should have gone straight down that middle seam. GRRRR! Another one to do over, I guess. My little figures in Snug as a bug are pale in the photo, but I like them and I like my butterflies. Simple Simon was lots of fun and I enjoyed doing the happy flowers.

I remade the two blocks that were not done right. The heart now sits straight on th block. I redid Focal Point and at the same time, changed it a bit. Instead of solid diagonal lines on the corners, I switched the red and green squares around. I like that better. And, while the points may not all be perfect, they are much better than yesterday’s attempt.

© Janet 2013