Project Quilting 2017

1st Challenge

8 fabrics

Here we go! I’ve got a BIG challenge this year because I’ve sold my sewing machines in anticipation of an international move a few months from now from Costa Rica to Arizona. AND, I’ve given away nearly all my stash, but this challenge is about scraps, and I still have a few (just one small box). I also had the batting cut for a table topper, but I don’t want to tackle anything that big, so I cut off enough from one end to make a few hot pads over the course of the challenge. After all, I want NEW hot pads for cooking in my new condo! Here’s my box of scraps, pieces of which will be showing up regularly throughout the challenge.

I thought of doing an 8-patch star (and I see that idea popped into other minds, too.) Then I got to thinking about hand sewing that star and getting it just right and after doing the central 4-square I was obsessing over the star point fabrics and background and ….. well, you get the idea. So, instead, I settled on 8 fabrics and a wonky partial-seam square. I decided to use up some of my scraps of embroidery thread for the quilting. Since I didn’t mark anything, the stitches got pretty wonky, too. OK - it’s not the most gorgeous little quilt you’ll ever see, but it’s a very useful, almost 8-inch hot pad.

© Janet 2013