3rd time’s a charm

This is my final project for the 2015 Project Quilting at Persimon Dreams. The challenge for this week is to create something in which the top side is made up exclusively of charm squares. There must be at least 20 squares used and no other fabric on the top itself. When I told my hubby I needed to start over again (read below), he said, “3rd time’s a charm!” So that’s how this little table mat got it’s name. It’s 25 pieces, and I did a square spiral quilting pattern on it.

 Silly me! I was having so much fun with my first project, a table runner where I was trying out the Disappearing 9-patch, that I forgot the second part of the rule and put sashing on it. Then I went back and reviewed the rules. Drats! The good part is that the friend I made it for won’t care if it fulfilled the challenge rules or not.

So, thought I, this is a good time to try out the Star Bright pattern (It’s free, if you don’t have it already.) The problem is, I made a really stupid math mistake and didn’t cut down the four light blue squares in the middle to the right size. As I added the outer squares, I kept adjusting the seams and wondering what I did wrong. Then it hit me. Well, maybe I’ll get back to this piece sometime, but I’m just not in the mood at the moment. Oh, and I still need to work on not cutting the points off my stars!  :( 

© Janet 2013