Blue wave

Challenge 5 of Project Quilting

I went to the fabric store to pick up some needles for my sewing machine - big mistake! This fabric was on the shelf, mixed in with a couple hundred other bolts, of course, but it was calling my name. It was saying “Take me home with you, now!” So I did

This week’s challenge was to use your favourite fabric to make something. Well, this was my instant new favorite. Of course, It didn’t want to go home alone, not a chance. I had to take some of its friends along. I already had a project in mind, so I was agreeable to the idea.

I have been watching a couple of courses on that have made me want to play with curves, one by Sarah Fielke and the other by Ann Petersen. I had already decided to make a place mat by taking several fabrics, laying them one on top of the other, cutting curves with my rotary cutter and then putting them back together with one piece from each fabric. I decided to repeat the fabric from the smallest curve at the top of the mat. After I had cut and sewn, I made an envelope of my top, the batting and the backing, sewed it almost all the way around, turned it right side out and added quilted waves. 

Oh, and here’s the full set, finished. The camera angle made the ones on the right look small, but they’re all beautiful. Maybe some day I’ll do a whole quilt like this!

© Janet 2013