Christmas tree skirt

I bought some fabric a long time ago, when the hippies were so popular. I meant to make a skirt out of it. Christmas came, hubby and I put up the tree and needed a skirt. I pulled out the fabric and we wrapped it around the base of the tree. We did that the next year, too, and the next, and the next …  The fabric went out of style as a skirt and I was living in a cold climate, so didn’t wear skirts much, anyhow. I began to say, I need to sew this up into a tree skirt.

The boys grew up and I never got the skirt made. The fabric just kept getting put back into the box with the Christmas decorations. Last year, my youngest son and his wife moved into their very own house. They put up a brand new Christmas tree, but no tree skirt. I promised they’d have one for this Christmas. My other son and his wife moved to New Orleans. So, they’re going to need a tree skirt, too. This summer, I started on their tree skirts. I did the machine sewing before I left home and then began the hand work. Neither one is finished. I want to continue quilting and decorating them each time I visit them.

So, this is tree skirt # 1:

And this is tree skirt #2. As you can see, it’s been approved by the fussiest judges.

So, it seemed like the time to pull out that old fabric and finally make my own tree skirt. Here it is:

It’s for a miniature tree. We don’t do the big one any more.

© Janet 2013