Delightful Stars

DONE!!!! (Except for pulling out some basting thread.)

Let me tell you, I have gotten to the point where I hate this quilt, but now that I see it on the bed, we’re friends again. I bought a used Janome 1600P from a friend and that made it possible to finish it by machine. The top and bottom borders are decorated with hand embroidery. I did the same pattern by machine on the sides. It was good practice to try following the lines for Free-motion quilting. Then I got ambitious and did the individual blocks with FMQ. OK, some are pretty messy. I like some better than others. However, since there were already a thousand mistakes in the quilt, I decided that it was an excellent quilt for learning FMQ. Mostly, I did random stipples. But on some I tried some other things. I think I have an improved sense of control of my movements and a rhythm to sew at that I’m comfortable with, and those are going to be important for other projects.

Here's the wispy feather pattern that I embroidered with a variegated thread. The blue part of the thread doesn’t show up, but that just makes it wispier. 

This is a Quilt-along project. You can find the instructions at or at Mine is now all put together and ready to be sandwiched. I need to quilt it in 2015.

© Janet 2013