Hearts galore

I thought I wouldn’t have time for a Challenge quilt this week. I had a ton of things that I really had to attend to. But Friday afternoon came around and I decided to give it a try. I had this scrap of reproduction old-time valentine fabric and I also had an extra piece of flannel from a previous project and an extra candle mat sized piece of batting. I looked through my stuff and found some ribbons and some scraps of fabric to add in. So, I resized the batting to fit the width of the piece of flannel, found a left-over piece of fabric I could use for the top and got to work. Oh, and this week I have been watching Sue Spargo’s course on Craftsy.com, Embroidering texture and dimension by hand. What fun! And, it gave me an idea to try out on the little quilt. One more thing, the rule of this week’s challenge was that there had to be at least 12 hearts on the quilt. Well, there are more than 12 on the top, and the backing is a heart print, so I aced that one. I wouldn’t be surprised if I go back to this project sometime and add more stuff, but, for now, done!

© Janet 2013