Hodge Podge

This is another quilt for Persimon Dreams Project Quilting. This week’s challenge was Orphan Blocks and UFOs. (For you non-quilters, UFO’s are unfinished objects.) I went hunting for all my Orphans (abandoned blocks that never get used.) 

It seems I had a lot.


I took them and laid them out on a bed to get a feel for a possible arrangement and realized that they just about covered the top of the bed. Then I remembered some big fabric squares that would make good backing. In the meantime, I thought of where a few more blocks might be hiding, and, sure enough, there they were. I decided to put all the blocks together in 24” squares, 9 of them in all, which gave me a nice overhang on the sides of the bed. I used fabric from my scrap box to piece in the empty spaces. I decided that the top needed to be about a foot longer, so I made 24 6.5” blocks and stuck them between the rows of squares. I quilted all the blocks with waves, added the little squares, joined them all up and put on the binding. Perfect! 

Well, nothing’s perfect, really. I told myself not to overthink this project or I would never get finished. Actually, I was thinking of calling it Past Imperfect, but when I spread it out on the bed, all joined together, I took one look at it and thought, “That’s some hodgepodge!” And so it is!

Oh, the appliqué - the little birdies are hand appliquéd. 

© Janet 2013