Improv at QBL

At Quilting by the Lake, for the second week (2015), I chose to take classes with Sherri Lynn Wood. She is the author of The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters. I already had the book and have tried some of her techniques already, so I was anxious to pilearn more by working with her in the classroom setting. For the first two days, we worked with Floating Squares and for the last three we worked with curves. I love her continuous bias strip technique! (Other quilters also use this, but it was the first time I had seen it.) I was hesitant to try this on my own, so I was really glad to try it in the classroom. Here are my two unfinished projects.

Floating squares with a side of curves

I think this one is ready for quilting, although I may decide to skip the quilting and go for ties. The decision is still out on what I want to do about backing. An envelope style (with no border) would look good, but the quilt is pretty big to try to do that. If I work on it a bit more to make the edges more regular, I could face it, but if the edges are too irregular, I’m not going to like the work of facing it. Decisions!

Curves with bias strips
I want to add more to this one, but it goes into the pile for now.

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