Strips galore

I began this project back in March on an extremely stressful day. I just needed to do something to get my mind off of some things going on. So, I went to my stash, pulled out a pile of fabric and my 2 1/2” quilt stick and started slicing. I sliced and sliced and sliced. Then I started sewing them end to end. The only rule was no two alike sewn together. When I got them all sewn, I grabbed the two ends, put them right sides together and started sewing right down the edge until I got to the new end that had been the middle of that mile-long strip. Then I did it again and then again. I decided that was wide enough. So I took that strip and cut it in shorter lengths. I took the blocks and sewed two together at right angles. By then, I was worn out and finally had some news on the family crises. Here’s my pile of strip blocks.

Over the next few days I went over to Leah Day’s web page and found some Free-Motion Quilting designs to practice. I got a little bit done on that, but then I want back to my other projects. 

So now it’s April. I finished up a couple of other things, and it’s time to finish this project up.  Here’s one quilt finished. It used up 9 blocks. I’ve still got 15 blocks left!

© Janet 2013